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Lubomir Peske 

Slezska 43, 130 00 Prague 3
Phone:+420 2 24 25 10 73
e-mail: lpeske@centrum.cz

Zoologist LUBOMIR PESKE offers you updates about his research and development works and some technical details for discussion about reintroduction programs, radio-telemetry, tagging and capturing the birds and other issues.

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Black stork
Houbara (male)
Houbara (female)
Common crane
PTT retrieving
PTT timing
PTT locations
a) Satellite tracking of birds - Black storks, White storks, Common crane, Houbara bustard (F), Houbara bustard (M)
b) Conventional tracking of birds - references about Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Houbara bustard, Capercaillie, Black stork, Common crane etc.
c) Other projects: -Wintering Rooks - Reintroduction of Peregrine falcons, Houbara bustards, Capercaillies - some notes d) Birds of prey breeding and population studies - color tagging, long term study of Prague sparrowhawk population, Prague peregrines
e) Commercial scanners are effective receivers for telemetry - general & comparison
f) Simple tool for satellite transmitter (PTT) detection and retrieval - description with pictures and the latest version
g) Argos data evaluation - accept or reject PTT locations?, - estimating the PTT timing
h) Effective antennas and antenna systems for hand/mobile/aerial radiomonitoring

For more details, materials or help contact me at   LPESKE@seznam.cz